Leaders Highlight the Transformative Power of Agriculture in Conflict Zones

In a prestigious ceremony at the National Academy of Sciences, the World Food Prize Foundation recognized the remarkable achievements of Heidi Kühn, the 2023 World Food Prize Laureate, and celebrated the profound impact of agriculture on peacebuilding and food security. Distinguished speakers emphasized the critical role of agriculture in conflict zones and the urgent need to integrate peacebuilding efforts with long-term development strategies.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Assistant Secretary Dina Esposito from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) both praised Kühn’s visionary leadership and the work of Roots of Peace in using agriculture as a vehicle for post-conflict recovery. Vilsack shared his experiences in Vietnam and Japan, underscoring how agriculture can foster relationships between nations with histories of conflict. Esposito emphasized the interconnectedness of agriculture, food security, and peace, stressing that conflict disrupts food systems and heightens vulnerability.

Under Secretary Jose Fernandez of the State Department highlighted the need for resilient food assistance in the face of armed conflicts and the climate crisis. Fernandez commended Kühn’s innovative approach in transforming heavily mined war zones into productive agricultural lands. He expressed gratitude to the World Food Prize Foundation and their partners for their commitment to addressing global food security challenges.

The speakers collectively emphasized the transformative power of agriculture in conflict-affected regions and the importance of science, innovation, and collaboration in achieving sustainable and equitable food systems worldwide. They underscored the vital role of farmers and the necessity of providing them with resources and information. The World Food Prize ceremony served as a platform to recognize outstanding achievements, inspire global action, and promote peace and food security through agriculture.

As the world faces increasing challenges in the realms of food security, climate change, and peacebuilding, the World Food Prize ceremony demonstrated the commitment of leaders and organizations to harness the potential of agriculture to bring about positive change.

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