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Images: Search Generative Experience (SGE) interface with the Google logo.

Google has dedicated itself to advancing the science and art of search engines. Through cutting-edge AI technologies like Lens and multisearch, they have revolutionized the way we search for information. Now, with the introduction of generative AI, Google is taking search to new heights. This powerful technology unlocks the ability to answer complex questions, organize information in novel ways, and provide users with a deeper understanding of their searches.

Google is taking the first steps into this new ara of search and invites users to participate in Search Labs, a platform for early experiments. Here, users can test the capabilities of generative AI in Search and provide valuable feedback.

Enhancing Search with Generative AI Generative AI in Search aims to simplify the searching process, enabling users to quickly grasp a topic, discover fresh insights, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Imagine asking a question like, “Which is a better destination for a family with young kids and a dog: Bryce Canyon or Arches?” Normally, you would need to break down the question, sift through numerous sources, and piece together the information yourself. However, with generative AI, Search can do the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll receive an AI-generated snapshot of key information to consider, along with relevant links for further exploration. Additionally, suggested next steps will guide you, allowing you to ask follow-up questions such as, “How long should we spend at Bryce Canyon with young kids?” These conversational interactions maintain context and provide a seamless exploration experience. To deepen your understanding, you’ll find helpful links to web content and a range of perspectives. Simplified Shopping with Generative AI Generative AI in Search extends its benefits to shopping, making complex purchase decisions faster and easier.

When searching for a product, you’ll receive a concise snapshot of important factors to consider, along with detailed product descriptions that include up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices, and images. This advanced shopping experience relies on Google’s comprehensive Shopping Graph, which encompasses over 35 billion product listings. With more than 1.8 billion listings refreshed every hour, Search ensures you receive accurate and reliable results.

Featuring Diverse Voices and Sources Google understands the value of diverse insights in informing decisions. The new Search experiences with generative AI prioritize highlighting web content, empowering users to delve deeper into their chosen topic. Ads will continue to appear in dedicated slots throughout the page, ensuring relevant products and services remain easily discoverable. Google remains committed to transparency, ensuring ads are distinguishable from organic search results.

A Responsible Approach Google acknowledges the limitations of generative AI and Language Models (LLMs) and takes a responsible and deliberate approach in introducing generative AI capabilities to Search. These models have been trained to meet Search’s high quality standards, with continuous improvements planned. Safeguards have also been implemented, restricting the types of queries where generative AI capabilities are applied.

You can Try Search Labs to experience the transformative power of generative AI in Search. The Search Generative Experience (SGE) is currently available on Chrome desktop and the Google App (Android and iOS) in the U.S., supporting the English language. Express your interest by tapping the Labs icon in the Google app or Chrome desktop. Access to SGE will be granted in the coming weeks, allowing users to provide feedback and contribute to further improvements.

News Source Google I/O live event

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