Unveiling the Schedule for the Coronation Day

The highly anticipated Coronation of Their Majesties, The King and The Queen, is set to take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, 6th May 2023. The day promises to be a grand spectacle as the nation gathers to witness this historic event. The official website of the Royal Family, royal.uk, has released an overview of the day’s proceedings, providing an insight into the momentous occasion.

The day will commence with The King’s Procession, where Their Majesties will make their way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. The procession will be a sight to behold, showcasing the regal elegance of the occasion.

At 11:00 am, the long-awaited Coronation Service will begin at Westminster Abbey. This marks the first Coronation Service in nearly 70 years, making it an extraordinary moment of significance and tradition.

Following the service, a larger ceremonial procession, known as The Coronation Procession, will see Their Majesties and other Members of the Royal Family make their way back to Buckingham Palace. This procession will be a majestic display of unity and pageantry.

Upon their return to Buckingham Palace, The King and The Queen will be greeted with a Royal Salute in the Garden, paying tribute to the Armed Forces who have participated in the processions throughout the day.

The pinnacle of the day’s events will be the appearance of The King and The Queen, accompanied by Members of the Royal Family, on the iconic Buckingham Palace Balcony. Here, they will witness the magnificent Flypast, a breathtaking display by the Royal Air Force, symbolizing the grand conclusion of the day’s ceremonial events.

To ensure you don’t miss any of the key moments, here are the timings to keep in mind:

  • 10:00 am: Procession of Faith Leaders and Ecumenical Leaders through Westminster Abbey
  • 10:15 am: Procession of Commonwealth Realms through Westminster Abbey
  • 10:20 am: The King’s Procession, with Their Majesties’ Carriage, departs Buckingham Palace
  • 10:53 am: Arrival of Their Majesties’ carriage at the Great West Gate of the Abbey, accompanied by a fanfare by the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry
  • 10:54 am: Ringing of the Abbey bells
  • 11:00 am: Commencement of the Coronation Service
  • Circa 1:00 pm: Departure of the Coronation Procession from Westminster Abbey, accompanied by the ringing of the Abbey bells
  • 2:30 pm: The Flypast over Buckingham Palace, providing a magnificent aerial display

The Coronation Day promises to be a remarkable occasion, steeped in tradition and filled with memorable moments. Stay tuned to royal.uk for the latest updates and insights into this historic event. Let us come together as a nation to celebrate and honor the reign of Their Majesties, The King and The Queen.

News source and information : Royal family 

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