Scrapping Retained EU Red Tape on Wine to Unlock £180 Million

In a move to support the growth of the UK wine industry and stimulate the economy, plans are underway to eliminate unnecessary red tape stemming from retained EU laws on wine production and marketing. These proposed changes will offer new opportunities for wine producers and importers, create a broader market for innovative products, and unleash a £180 million boost for the industry. Let’s explore the key reforms that aim to provide greater freedom and flexibility to the wine sector.

Expanded Vine Selection:

Under the proposed changes, wine makers will gain the freedom to select from a wider range of vine varieties, including those with enhanced disease resistance. This flexibility will empower farmers to choose the vines that best suit their needs, leading to reduced vine loss due to disease and opening up avenues for new flavors and styles of wine.

Overturning Blending Restrictions:

Current restrictions that inhibit the production of new wine blends will be overturned, enabling bottlers to blend imported wines and transform them into sparkling wines. This move will drive innovation, offer more diverse product lines, and meet the evolving demands of consumers.

Streamlined Packaging Requirements:

Cumbersome packaging requirements will be eliminated, including the mandatory need for certain sparkling wines to have foil caps and mushroom stoppers. This simplification will reduce costs for producers and provide them with greater packaging flexibility, ultimately benefiting consumers.

Simplified Labeling:

Domestic wine makers will be free to display a variety and vintage of any wine without having to navigate laborious EU-mandated application processes. This streamlining of labeling requirements will reduce bureaucracy and costs for producers, enabling faster product launches and increased market competitiveness.

Consultation Process:

To ensure stakeholder engagement and gather insights from the industry, a consultation will be launched shortly. This process will seek input on the proposed changes, including their nature, scope, and timelines, fostering collaboration and a balanced approach to reform.

The scrapping of retained EU red tape on wine is a significant step towards supporting the UK wine industry’s growth, unlocking economic opportunities, and encouraging innovation. By granting greater freedom and flexibility to wine producers and importers, these reforms will spur job creation, boost the economy, and reinforce the UK’s position as an attractive market for all wine producers. Through streamlined regulations, the wine sector will flourish, introducing new products, expanding consumer choice, and cementing its place in the broader food and drink industry.
News Source: UK Gov. Press release

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