Tucker Carlson to Relaunch Show on Twitter

Tucker Carlson, a prominent right-wing figure and former host of Fox News, has revealed plans to relaunch his show on Twitter. In a video posted on the Twitter platform, Carlson praised Twitter as a significant platform for free speech, claiming it to be one of the few remaining platforms that allows open expression. This announcement comes after Carlson’s departure from Fox News last month.

During his video announcement, Carlson criticized the news media, accusing journalists of selectively omitting facts that contradict their narratives. However, he did not mention the instances where .

He suggested that pushing against these boundaries inevitably leads to termination. Carlson’s decision to relaunch his show on Twitter demonstrates his determination to remain relevant in both media and politics. He held considerable influence as the host of the 8 p.m. ET slot on Fox News, alongside former President Donald Trump. His show’s ratings and controversial content propelled him to become one of the most powerful voices within the Republican Party.

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