Statement from Mayor Kenneth M. Fulk

Mayor Kenneth M. Fulk Expresses Condolences and Solidarity in Wake of Tragic Allen Premium Outlets Shooting

Allen, Texas – Mayor Kenneth M. Fulk of the City of Allen has issued a heartfelt statement in response to the tragic shooting incident that unfolded at the Allen Premium Outlets. Today, the City of Allen and its residents are faced with profound sadness as they come to terms with the loss of innocent lives and the devastating impact of this senseless act of violence.

Mayor Fulk’s statement emphasized the unity and resilience of the Allen community during this challenging time. He expressed the city’s unwavering support for all the victims and their families affected by the tragedy, assuring them that the entire community will surround them with care and compassion. The Mayor extended his gratitude to the citizens, friends, and visitors who stood together, reinforcing the strength and solidarity of Allen.

Highlighting the swift response of the Allen Police and Fire Departments, Mayor Fulk commended their courage and professionalism in the face of danger. Their well-coordinated actions and adherence to rigorous training protocols likely prevented further loss of life. The Mayor also expressed gratitude to neighboring municipalities and law enforcement agencies for their immediate assistance, emphasizing the unity and collaborative spirit among North Texas communities.

Mayor Fulk acknowledged the somber days ahead, recognizing the immense grief that will be felt by the community. While the focus remains on remembering and honoring the victims, the Mayor conveyed appreciation for the outpouring of condolences and messages of support pouring in from around the world. He shared that The White House, Governor Abbot, and numerous national, state, and county officials have reached out to offer their support and assistance to the City of Allen during this trying time.

In closing, Mayor Fulk assured the community that the city council, law enforcement personnel, first responders, and all city employees stand united. Their strength will endure, and they will support one another through the healing process, emphasizing the resilient spirit of Allen in the face of adversity.

The City of Allen remains committed to providing updates and resources to the community as they navigate the aftermath of this tragedy. Messages of support and solidarity continue to pour in from near and far, demonstrating the global impact of this heartbreaking event.

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