Today, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III revealed that the president has put forward the nomination of Navy Vice Adm. Jeffrey W. Hughes for reappointment to the rank of vice admiral. If approved, Vice Adm. Hughes will assume the position of deputy chief of staff for Capability Development at Supreme Allied Command Transformation, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

Vice Adm. Hughes brings a wealth of experience to this potential appointment. He currently serves as the deputy chief of naval operations for Warfighting Development, N7, at the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. His exceptional leadership and expertise have made a significant impact on the Navy’s warfighting capabilities and strategic development.

Should the nomination be confirmed, Vice Adm. Hughes will take on a crucial role in the realm of Capability Development at Supreme Allied Command Transformation. This command plays a vital role in shaping and enhancing the military capabilities of allied nations, contributing to the overall effectiveness and readiness of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

As the deputy chief of staff for Capability Development, Vice Adm. Hughes would be responsible for advancing the strategic objectives of Supreme Allied Command Transformation. His extensive knowledge and leadership skills will prove invaluable in fostering innovation, identifying emerging challenges, and strengthening allied capabilities to address future security threats.

This nomination reflects the trust and confidence that the president and Secretary of Defense have in Vice Adm. Hughes’ ability to execute this critical role successfully. His strong track record of accomplishments and dedication to national security make him a highly qualified candidate for this position.

The nomination of Navy Vice Adm. Jeffrey W. Hughes underscores the commitment of the Department of Defense to appointing capable leaders who will contribute to the continued advancement and effectiveness of our military forces.

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