Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State, expresses profound gratitude for the service of Wendy R. Sherman as Deputy Secretary of State. Having established a reputation for tackling challenging foreign policy issues head-on, Wendy’s contributions have been invaluable to the Department and the American people.

Secretary Blinken acknowledges his long-standing professional and personal relationship with Wendy, spanning nearly three decades and various administrations. Wendy’s expertise and dedication have made her not only a trusted colleague but also a cherished friend.

Appointed by President Biden, Wendy has played a vital role in revitalizing America’s alliances and partnerships while managing complex relationships with global competitors. Her leadership has been instrumental in engaging with the Indo-Pacific region, strengthening bonds with allies such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the European Union. Additionally, she has overseen efforts to enhance the Department’s capabilities in managing relations with the People’s Republic of China and fostering greater alignment with allies and partners.

Wendy’s notable career includes breaking barriers as the first female Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and Deputy Secretary of State. Throughout her distinguished journey, spanning over three decades, three Presidents, and five Secretaries of State, she has addressed some of the most critical foreign policy challenges of our time. Her leadership has contributed to the safety, security, and strength of the United States and its global partnerships.

Secretary Blinken, on behalf of the Department, expresses gratitude for Wendy’s service and extends well wishes to her and her family as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Wendy’s legacy will continue to shape the nation’s diplomatic endeavors and inspire future leaders in the field of international relations.

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