“Renfield” is a horror movie that revolves around the character of Renfield, who is Dracula’s loyal henchman and has been incarcerated in a lunatic asylum for many years. The story follows Renfield’s desire to break free from Dracula’s hold, his various demands, and the violence that accompanies them.

Renfield yearns for a life beyond the horrors that he has been forced to witness and participate in for so long. He dreams of escaping the asylum and starting anew, but the daunting prospect of facing Dracula’s wrath keeps him from taking action.

As the story progresses, Renfield’s inner turmoil and struggle for freedom become increasingly intense. He must navigate his loyalty to Dracula against his desire for a better life, all while facing the challenges of his captivity in the asylum.

The movie is expected to delve into the psychological complexities of the character of Renfield, exploring his motivations, fears, and desires. The audience can expect a thrilling and terrifying horror experience, with a compelling storyline that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Overall, “Renfield” promises to be a unique and chilling take on the classic Dracula story, with a focus on the character of Renfield and his journey towards freedom and redemption. It is a movie that will appeal to fans of horror and the gothic genre, as well as those who enjoy character-driven storytelling.

Distributor :Universal Pictures
Release Date :Apr 14, 2023
Running Time:1 hr 33 min
Genres :Comedy Fantasy Horror

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