May 14, 2023 – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: President Biden held a press gaggle at Gordons Pond State Park, where he addressed various questions regarding the upcoming debt meeting and ongoing talks. When asked about the timing of the meeting, the President stated it would take place in approximately 10 minutes. He also confirmed that the meeting is likely to occur on Tuesday, as reported.

Regarding the progress of the talks, President Biden remained tight-lipped, refusing to share any specifics. When pressed about his level of optimism, he jokingly remarked that his refusal to share details could be seen as an indicator. He expressed his intention to attend the G7 summit, indicating that it remains his current plan.

In response to a question about tougher work requirements for certain government aid programs, the President highlighted his previous support for tougher aid programs in the law. However, he mentioned that Medicaid presents a different situation and that he is waiting to hear the exact proposal from Republicans.

On the topic of the Turkish elections, President Biden expressed unawareness of the current dispute surrounding President Erdoğan’s results. He expressed hope that the election would proceed smoothly, emphasizing the existing problems in that region and the need for stability.

When asked about the Republicans’ position in the debt ceiling negotiations, President Biden refrained from making any characterizations, stating that it is not advisable to do so during ongoing negotiations. Despite this, he maintained his optimism and expressed a belief in the desire of both parties to reach an agreement.

Addressing the situation at the border, President Biden asserted that it was going better than expected, particularly after the lifting of Title 42. Responding to a query about visiting the border, he stated that he had no plans to do so in the near term, as it would be disruptive rather than beneficial.

Finally  President Biden shared his excitement about an upcoming trip and reflected on a pleasant Mother’s Day celebration. He mentioned presenting an orchid wrist corsage to the First Lady, and his daughter’s visit with gifts for her mother. The President also mentioned his plans to attend his grandchild’s graduation from Penn the following day.

As discussions surrounding the debt meeting continue and optimism remains high, President Biden’s statements provide insight into the ongoing negotiations and his plans for future engagements.

By Joshi

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