In a statement released today, President Joe Biden expressed his strong support for Amy Pope’s candidacy for the position of Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). President Biden highlighted Pope’s impressive qualifications and her innovative and strategic leadership style, emphasizing the need for a forward-looking leader to address the current challenges of global displacement.

Recognizing the unprecedented levels of displacement worldwide, President Biden stressed the importance of having a capable leader at the helm of the IOM. Having personally worked with Pope throughout her 20-year career in migration and disaster relief, President Biden attested to her experience and ability to effectively mobilize the organization and its members in response to the growing migration challenges.

Pope’s expertise in navigating the impacts of climate change on migration was specifically mentioned by President Biden. He emphasized the need for innovative and inclusive solutions to tackle these complex issues. President Biden expressed his confidence in Pope’s qualifications and declared her as the right person for the job.

President Biden urged member states of the IOM to rally behind the United States and vote in favor of Amy Pope during the upcoming IOM elections in Geneva, Switzerland. By throwing his weight behind her candidacy, President Biden hopes to garner broad support for Pope’s leadership and secure her appointment as the next Director General of the IOM.

If elected, Amy Pope would assume a pivotal role in shaping the global response to migration and addressing the pressing challenges faced by displaced populations worldwide.

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