High school students from across Prince Edward Island will soon have the opportunity to participate in the 2023 PEI Envirothon, an environmental challenge that tests students on their knowledge of natural resources and the environment.

The competition, which is scheduled for later this month, will feature teams of five students competing in various challenges designed to test their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. Challenges may include identifying wildlife species, demonstrating an understanding of forest ecology, and presenting on a current environmental issue.

The PEI Envirothon is a great opportunity for high school students to learn more about the environment and natural resources, as well as to meet and work with other students who share their passion for the planet.

The winning team will have the opportunity to represent Prince Edward Island at the National Envirothon competition, which will take place later this year. The event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for all involved, and we wish all of the teams the best of luck!

By Joshi

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