Paraguay Celebrates National Day

As Paraguay commemorates its National Day, the people of Paraguay are joined by Antony J. Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, in celebrating their independence. On this special occasion, Secretary Blinken sends warm wishes and congratulations to the nation of Paraguay.

The United States, recognizing the value of its enduring partnership with Paraguay, is committed to working closely with the country to promote common interests that benefit both nations. Key areas of focus include democracy and human rights, the rule of law, and free markets.

With over 150 years of friendship between the two countries, Paraguay and the United States enjoy strong and growing ties. This partnership has played a vital role in advancing shared objectives such as freedom, prosperity, and security throughout the region.

Paraguay’s National Day serves as a reminder of the nation’s rich history and its journey towards independence. It is a moment to reflect on the progress made and to renew the commitment to building a prosperous future for all Paraguayans.

As the celebrations unfold, the United States stands firmly by Paraguay’s side, supporting its efforts in strengthening democratic institutions, promoting human rights, and fostering economic growth. The collaboration between the two nations is poised to continue making a positive impact not only in Paraguay but also in the wider region.

Paraguay and the United States are confident that their enduring friendship and partnership will contribute to a brighter future, marked by shared values and mutual prosperity.


By Joshi

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