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About My Father: A Hilarious Comedy with an All-Star Cast


Get ready to laugh your heart out as two comedic powerhouses, Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro, come together in the uproarious new film, “About My Father.” Directed by Laura Terruso and written by Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco, this comedy promises to deliver a hilarious and heartwarming story about the joys and challenges of family dynamics. With a star-studded cast that includes Leslie Bibb, Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, and David Rasche, “About My Father” is set to hit theaters on May 26, 2023. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting premise of the movie and what makes it a must-see for comedy lovers.

The Storyline:

“About My Father” revolves around the life of Sebastian (played by Sebastian Maniscalco), a popular comedian, who is asked by his fiancée, played by Leslie Bibb, to introduce his immigrant father, Salvo (Robert De Niro), to her eccentric and wealthy family. As Sebastian and Salvo embark on this memorable weekend with Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, and David Rasche portraying the extravagant members of Leslie Bibb’s family, audiences can expect a collision of cultures and comedic misunderstandings.

The film aims to explore the humorous and relatable aspects of family relationships, highlighting the unique dynamics that arise when different worlds collide. Through hilarious encounters and unexpected situations, “About My Father” reminds us that the true essence of family lies in the bond that surpasses any cultural or social differences.

The Cast:

“About My Father” boasts an incredible ensemble cast that brings the characters to life with their exceptional talent and comedic timing. Sebastian Maniscalco, known for his stand-up comedy and charismatic stage presence, takes on the lead role, adding his signature humor to the film. Robert De Niro, a legendary actor with a remarkable career spanning decades, brings his charm and versatility to the character of Salvo, Sebastian’s father.

Supporting the two leads are Leslie Bibb, who portrays Sebastian’s fiancée, and a talented lineup including Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, and David Rasche as Leslie Bibb’s eccentric family members. Together, this stellar cast promises to deliver unforgettable performances and side-splitting moments throughout the movie.

Why You Should Watch “About My Father”:

  1. Comedic Brilliance: With Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro leading the pack, “About My Father” guarantees an abundance of laughter. Their unique comedic styles and impeccable timing are sure to keep audiences entertained from start to finish.
  2. A Tale of Cultural Clashes: The clash between Sebastian’s immigrant father and Leslie Bibb’s wealthy, eccentric family sets the stage for a hilarious exploration of cultural differences. Through witty dialogue and outrageous situations, the film offers a fresh perspective on the challenges that arise when diverse backgrounds converge.
  3. Heartwarming Family Connections: While the movie promises plenty of laughs, it also emphasizes the importance of family bonds. Audiences can expect heartwarming moments that highlight the strength and love shared between family members, reminding us that, ultimately, family is everything.
  4. Stellar Supporting Cast: Alongside the comedic genius of Maniscalco and De Niro, the talented supporting cast adds an extra layer of brilliance to the film. From Kim Cattrall’s larger-than-life character to the eccentricities portrayed by Anders Holm, Brett Dier, and David Rasche, each actor brings their unique flavor to the story.
“About My Father” is a highly anticipated comedy that combines the talents of Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert

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