King Charles and Queen Camilla Crowned in Magnificent Ceremony at Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry Absent from Balcony Appearance, Controversy Arises

Buckingham Palace, London – In a display of regal splendor, King Charles and Queen Camilla appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave to the crowds gathered below and witness a captivating flypast, following their coronation at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony, filled with music and symbolism, drew thousands of onlookers who lined the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the newly crowned monarchs.

Accompanied by senior royals, including the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, the King and Queen delighted the jubilant crowds. However, the absence of Prince Harry from the balcony raised questions and sparked controversy. Reports from the BBC suggest that Prince Harry, despite attending the coronation at Westminster Abbey, was not invited to join the balcony appearance.


The Coronation Procession, a sight unseen on the streets of London for 70 years, captivated the city as it made its way from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. Thousands of spectators eagerly awaited the arrival of the newly crowned monarchs, adding to the festive atmosphere that engulfed the capital. In a separate incident near Trafalgar Square, several members of Republic, an anti-monarchy group, were among those arrested. The arrests took place amidst heightened security measures implemented for the coronation celebrations.


As the world watched the extraordinary coronation unfold, messages of congratulations and admiration poured in from various sources. The official Twitter account of the Royal Family shared a tweet capturing the crowning moment, where the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the prestigious St Edward’s Crown on the King’s anointed head, while the clergy, congregation, and choir cried out, “God Save The King.” Even President Biden took a moment to acknowledge the significant contributions of nurses during National Nurses Week. In a tweet, he emphasized the vital role nurses play in providing compassionate care and inspiring people to embrace life.

To witness the grandeur of the coronation, the BBC provided extensive coverage, allowing viewers to relive the historic event by simply clicking the play button on their website. The coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla marked a momentous occasion for the British monarchy, captivating the world with its regal spectacle in the heart of London.

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