Jajarkot Nepal Earthquake

Government of Nepal Responds to Jajarkot Earthquake: Swift Relief Efforts Underway

In a recent press release dated BS. 2080/07/18,(November 4, 2023) the Ministry of Home Affairs in Nepal addressed the unfortunate earthquake that struck Jajarkot, causing significant loss of life and property. The earthquake, which occurred on the night of 2080 Kartik 17th, sent shockwaves through the region, resulting in a devastating impact on the local communities.

The Home Ministry expressed its deepest condolences to the citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake and extended its sympathies to the bereaved families. Additionally, they sent their well wishes for a speedy recovery to those who sustained injuries during this tragic event.

Following the earthquake, an immediate response was initiated by local authorities, various security forces, government agencies, and non-government organizations to carry out search and rescue operations and provide medical treatment to the injured. Reports indicated that a total of 147 people lost their lives, while 375 others sustained injuries in Jajarkot and Rukum West districts. Both private residences and government buildings were damaged as a result of the earthquake.

Efforts to care for the injured were prioritized, with less severe cases being treated in local and district hospitals, and more serious injuries being airlifted to medical facilities in Kathmandu, Surkhet, and Nepalgunj.

On 2080 Kartik 18th Vihaan, the Honorable Prime Minister visited the affected districts along with medical professionals and essential supplies, and conducted on-site assessments, observations, and meetings with the affected families. He also provided directives to enhance the effectiveness of search, rescue, and relief operations.

Under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, a high-level meeting was convened to review the ongoing situation, the progress of search and rescue operations, and the impact of the earthquake on Jajarkot and Rukum West districts. The primary focus of the meeting was to ensure the swift rescue and treatment of the injured. In this regard, specialist doctors and essential medical equipment were promptly dispatched to the affected areas.

To provide immediate relief to the affected districts, arrangements were made to deliver food grains and temporary accommodations, including tents, blankets, mattresses, and sleeping bags. The authorities also set up primary and auxiliary centers in Surkhet and Nepalgunj to coordinate search and rescue efforts.

During the meeting, decisions were made to streamline disaster management by establishing a one-door system through the District Disaster Management Committee. Furthermore, a significant financial contribution was approved, with Rs 5 crore allocated to the District Disaster Management Fund of Jajarkot and Rukum West. A specially trained team was deployed to oversee search and rescue operations, facilitate road openings, and make necessary arrangements.

The Ministry expressed its gratitude for the support and goodwill extended by friendly nations and foreign organizations, emphasizing the need for additional details and parameters to determine further cooperation in disaster management.

The press release also acknowledged the contributions of public representatives, security personnel, national service employees, non-governmental and private sector organizations, and individuals who actively participated in the search, rescue, and relief efforts. The Ministry particularly appreciated the dedication of communication workers who played a crucial role in disseminating information about the disaster.

In conclusion, the Home Ministry conveyed its expectation that the District Magistrate, supported by the relevant District Officer, would continue to manage the one-door system with compassion, transparency, and efficient coordination.

The earthquake in Jajarkot has evoked a swift and comprehensive response from the government of Nepal, demonstrating their commitment to helping the affected communities during this challenging time.

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