Hollywood writers to strike from Tuesday over pay disputes

Hollywood writers to strike from Tuesday over pay disputes, halting TV production

Thousands of Hollywood writers represented by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) are set to go on strike from Tuesday after failing to come to an agreement with production studios over higher pay. The strike is expected to halt the production of numerous TV shows, including popular programs such as “Succession,” “Atlanta,” and “Barry.” More than 11,500 members of the WGA are expected to participate in the strike, according to the organization.

The WGA has been in negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) since May, but the two sides have been unable to come to an agreement on key issues such as streaming residuals and minimum pay rates. The WGA has argued that writers should receive a fair share of the profits generated by streaming services, which have become a dominant force in the entertainment industry.

The strike is expected to have a significant impact on the TV industry, with many shows potentially delayed or cancelled. The last major strike by Hollywood writers occurred in 2007-2008 and lasted for 100 days, costing the industry an estimated $2.5 billion.

In response to the strike, the AMPTP released a statement saying it was disappointed that the WGA had decided to take such a drastic action, and that it remained committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement. The statement also urged the WGA to return to the negotiating table to find a solution that worked for both sides.

The WGA has set up picket lines outside studios in Los Angeles and New York, with many writers taking to social media to express their support for the strike. The organization has also called on viewers to support the writers by refusing to cross picket lines and not watching any content produced during the strike.


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