Hawaii emergency managers conduct hurricane exercise to test preparedness

Emergency management officials in Hawaii are preparing for the upcoming hurricane season with a major exercise known as Makani Pahili. The exercise, which will take place in late May, will simulate a major hurricane impacting the state, providing officials with an opportunity to test their emergency response plans and procedures.

During the exercise, emergency managers and other officials will work together to coordinate response efforts, share information, and make critical decisions in real-time. The goal is to identify potential weaknesses and gaps in the state’s emergency preparedness plans, and to develop strategies to address them before a real emergency occurs.

The Makani Pahili exercise will involve a range of stakeholders, including state and local government agencies, private sector partners, and community organizations. It will also incorporate the latest technology and best practices in emergency management, helping to ensure that Hawaii is prepared to respond to any future disasters or emergencies that may arise.

Governor David Ige emphasized the importance of preparedness and collaboration in the face of potential disasters, stating that “Hawaii has a long history of coming together during times of crisis, and the Makani Pahili exercise is a testament to that spirit of resilience and cooperation.” The Makani Pahili exercise represents a critical step forward in Hawaii’s ongoing efforts to enhance its emergency preparedness and response capabilities. By testing its plans and procedures in a realistic and challenging environment, the state can better protect its residents and visitors in the event of a major disaster.

News Source :Governor Hawaii NEWS RELEASE

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