Google Workspace introduces new security features for admins

Google Workspace announces new security features to help protect against phishing attacks

Google Workspace, the cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite, has announced new security features that aim to protect users from phishing attacks. The new features include the ability to add a brand logo to outgoing emails with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), which can help users verify the authenticity of emails.

Another feature is the enhanced phishing protection in Google Chat, which now includes warnings for suspected phishing links, as well as the ability to report phishing attempts. In addition, Google Workspace has added a security dashboard that provides administrators with an overview of their organization’s security posture.

According to a blog post by Google Workspace, these new security features are designed to help users protect themselves against phishing attacks, which continue to be a major threat to organizations worldwide. With these new features, Google Workspace aims to make it easier for users to identify and report phishing attempts, and to help organizations improve their overall security posture.

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