Interestingly, in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the inclusion of an evil Kong alludes to a theory that emerged from the ending of Godzilla vs. Kong. Although Kong was portrayed as a sympathetic character, it was suggested that his ancestors were actually the antagonists of the conflict. This theory stemmed from the novelization, which revealed that the Titan War began when the Kongs attacked Godzilla first, believing him to be an evil creature. This led to speculation about whether or not the Kongs were actually the villains of the story.


The introduction of an evil Kong supports this theory and adds a new layer to the situation. If Kong’s ancestors were led by a malevolent figure, it would strengthen the idea that they were a tribe of warmongers who attempted to wipe out Godzilla’s species. This could shed more light on why Kong’s species was nearly extinct and could even justify Godzilla’s actions to drive them out of the Hollow Earth. It also paints Godzilla and his allies as the heroes of the story, rather than the ones at fault.

By Joshi

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