A guest bedroom at the Fisher House

Fisher Houses have become a beacon of hope for countless military members, veterans, and their families over the past 30 years. These houses, situated near Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals and military installations worldwide, offer a nurturing environment and essential services, all completely free of charge.

While many are familiar with charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which provide accommodations for families of children undergoing medical treatment, Fisher Houses fulfill a similar role for the military and veteran community.

Established by a private foundation, Fisher Houses are managed by the VA or the Defense Department. They open their doors to military personnel, veterans, their families, and even close friends of any age, allowing them to stay while their loved ones receive treatment or rehabilitation. Importantly, there is no predetermined time limit for their stay, accommodating both short-term and long-term needs.

The significant financial relief provided by Fisher Houses cannot be overstated. Michelle Horn, the vice president of communications at Fisher House Foundation, emphasizes the tremendous savings they offer to guests. “You think of all the money that somebody can save,” she remarked.

A recent visit to the Fisher House at Fort Belvoir, Virginia provided insights into the exceptional amenities and care provided to guests. Upon arrival, the inviting atmosphere was immediately apparent. The living and dining areas boasted modern furnishings that exuded a cozy and serene ambiance. The shelves were stocked with books, vases, and movies, ensuring guests felt at ease during their stay.

The tour was led by Fisher House Foundation representatives, including house manager Tyana Monette and operations assistant Melissa Laundre, a military spouse herself. The community kitchen, well-equipped and spacious, allowed guests to gather, cook, and enjoy a wide variety of snacks provided by the house.

Promoting a sense of community, the dining area became a hub of social interaction. Guests forged deep connections as they supported each other through challenging times. “People become really close. They’re going through hard times,” said Horn. “They have someone to lean on and talk to, and sometimes they can share dark humor and be the person who understands.”

Fisher Houses prioritize accessibility, with most being single-story structures designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Elevators are available in multi-story houses. Each house proudly displays photographs and artwork that reflect the local community. At Fort Belvoir, framed photos showcased iconic images from Washington, D.C.

With 12 bedrooms, including some with adjoining rooms for families, the Belvoir Fisher House provided accommodations akin to an upscale hotel. Guests enjoyed finely crafted furniture, ample natural light, and spacious bathrooms equipped with wheelchair-accessible showers.

During the tour, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Edward Gray, a guest at the Fisher House, expressed profound gratitude for the support provided by Monette and Laundre. Gray had been staying at the house for six weeks following a kidney transplant and credited their exceptional care and assistance for helping him navigate his medical journey. “Without them, I couldn’t have made it,” he acknowledged. “They truly understand the needs of individuals like me.”

Staying at a Fisher House is contingent on meeting certain criteria. Guests must be patients, family members, or caretakers of individuals receiving treatment at military or VA hospitals. Referrals to Fisher Houses are commonly made by case managers, social workers, or noncommissioned officers. However, direct contact with the houses is also possible. Fisher House Foundation emphasizes the importance of informing NCOs about their services to ensure all eligible individuals are aware of this invaluable resource.

For those unsure about their eligibility or hesitant about staying at a Fisher House, the organization encourages reaching out for assistance. Fisher House staff members are

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