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“The Boring Company,” which has launched a product called “Twitter Blue,” a premium version of the social media platform that offers additional features for a monthly fee. Musk’s management style as CEO of Twitter Blue has been controversial, and he has made decisions that have caused confusion and criticism among users.

Elon Musk has started removing blue check-marks from Twitter accounts that were verified under the previous system, and now the badge primarily signifies that the account owner is paying for the privilege. This move could cause confusion among users and damage trust in the platform. The blue check-mark symbol was previously used to authenticate influential accounts, but has become more confusing and politicized since Musk made it available for a price. The dueling hashtags #paythe8 and #blocktheblue represent the debate around the new-style verification. Over the weekend, some high-profile individuals reported difficulties removing their check marks. Musk’s decisions as “Chief Twit” of Twitter, including laying off staff and allowing banned users to return, have been confusing. The latest controversy came when Twitter removed and then restored blue check-marks for some users without explanation. Musk’s management style is described as “seat-of-the-pants.”


Elon Musk has had a tumultuous relationship with Twitter, both as a user and as the owner of the platform. He has made controversial decisions since taking over as “Chief Twit,” including laying off staff and allowing banned users to return. One of his most recent moves was to change the Twitter verification system, making the blue check-mark primarily a symbol of paid subscription to Twitter Blue, his company’s premium service. This move has caused confusion among users and has been criticized for eroding trust in the platform. Musk’s management style has been described as “seat-of-the-pants,” and his decisions on Twitter have been met with widespread confusion and criticism.


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