Richard R. Verma, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, is set to travel to New York on May 10th. His itinerary includes important meetings with senior leadership at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, where he will engage with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield and Ambassador Christopher Lu, who is responsible for UN management and reform.

During his visit, Deputy Secretary Verma will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on key diplomatic matters with influential figures at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. These meetings will focus on shaping U.S. policies and strategies at the UN, addressing shared challenges, and reinforcing diplomatic ties. The discussions aim to enhance cooperation and strengthen the United States’ presence and influence within the international community.

Additionally, Deputy Secretary Verma will visit important State Department operations in New York. This includes the New York Passport Agency, where he will assess the agency’s efficiency in providing passport services to U.S. citizens in the region. Furthermore, he will visit the Diplomatic Security Service New York Field Office, responsible for ensuring the safety and security of diplomatic personnel and facilities. The visits to these State Department entities underscore the Deputy Secretary’s commitment to effective management and resource allocation, as well as maintaining the smooth operation of diplomatic initiatives.

By Joshi

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