Day Timetable King Charles III coronation

Coronation Day Timetable

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On Saturday, 6 May, several areas will be accessible to the public for the coronation events. Here is a map indicating the accessible areas:


  1. Procession Route: The procession route, marked in red, will be open for spectators to line up and witness the royal procession. This route stretches from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.
  2. Green Park Screening Site: The Green Park screening site, marked in green, is an area where screens will be set up for people to watch the live coverage of the coronation events. It provides an alternative viewing location for those who are not along the procession route.
  3. St James’s Park Screening Site: The St James’s Park screening site, marked in blue, is another designated area with screens for public viewing. It offers an additional space for people to gather and enjoy the live broadcast of the coronation.

Please note that the specific locations within Green Park and St James’s Park where the screening sites will be set up may vary. It is recommended to follow signage and directions provided by the event organizers on the day of the coronation.

Enjoy the festivities and be sure to plan your day accordingly, keeping in mind the designated accessible areas and any associated regulations for the event.

5:00am: The Hyde Park screening site opens, providing a gathering place for spectators to watch the events unfold.

6:00am: The area surrounding the procession viewing route opens, allowing people to secure their spots along the route. Additionally, the Green Park and St James’s Park screening sites open, providing alternative locations for viewing the proceedings.

9:10am: The procession route closes as barriers are put in place along the roads, restricting access for pedestrians. It is advised to plan accordingly and be aware of the closures.

10:20am: King Charles III and Queen Camilla depart from Buckingham Palace, marking the commencement of the first procession. The route will take them from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

11:00am: The coronation service officially begins at Westminster Abbey, a moment of great significance and tradition.

1:00pm: King Charles III and Queen Camilla conclude the coronation service at Westminster Abbey and embark on the second procession, making their way back to Buckingham Palace.

1:30pm: The royal couple arrives at Buckingham Palace, where they will be welcomed by awaiting crowds and well-wishers.

1:40pm: Stewards open the crossing points, enabling spectators to move onto the Mall, a grand thoroughfare leading to Buckingham Palace.

2:30pm: King Charles III and Queen Camilla appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to witness the Armed Forces fly past, a ceremonial display honoring the newly crowned monarch.

2:45pm: The coronation day events draw to a close, leaving a sense of awe and celebration in the hearts of those who witnessed this historic occasion.

Please note that the timings provided are subject to change on the day, and it is advisable to stay updated and follow any announcements or instructions from the authorities.

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