Biden criticizes House Republicans

President Biden is using his Twitter account, @POTUS, to address various issues and criticize MAGA House Republicans. Here are some news highlights based on his tweets:


  1. President Biden criticizes House Republicans’ wish list, stating that it would result in 100,000 teachers and support staff losing their jobs, which would be detrimental to the education system. He emphasizes the need for more teachers to address the learning gap among students. Additionally, he warns about the chaos and economic damage that could result from a default on the national debt.
  2. President Biden accuses MAGA House Republicans of threatening to default on America’s debts unless their demands are met. He highlights the potential job cuts that could occur, affecting wildland firefighters, National Park rangers, and workers responsible for water quality regulation. He argues that their actions do not benefit families.
  3. President Biden reveals that not a single Republican in Congress voted for tax credits aimed at saving energy costs for families and promoting clean energy deployment for businesses. He claims that House Republicans want to repeal the credits, suggesting that they are doing the bidding of Big Oil.
  4. President Biden states that his budget aims to reduce the deficit by $100 billion by targeting wealthy tax cheats. He contrasts this with the MAGA House Republicans’ bill, which he claims would slash funding for border patrol and teachers.
  5. President Biden proposes an alternative to Speaker McCarthy’s approach of cutting funding for teachers and police to reduce federal spending. Instead, he suggests strengthening Medicare’s power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, resulting in $160 billion in savings. He highlights the achievements in unemployment rate and job growth under his administration and calls for continuing progress.
  6. President Biden presents two options offered by MAGA Republicans in Congress: devastating cuts that could lead to millions losing Medicaid and education cuts, or defaulting on debt, erasing jobs and causing a recession. He argues that fiscal responsibility should not harm working families and discusses his budget’s approach to reduce spending by strengthening Medicare’s negotiating power and reducing tax subsidies for Big Oil and Gas companies.
  7. President Biden criticizes MAGA Republicans’ approach of “trickle-down” economics, stating that it does not work for growing the economy. He emphasizes the importance of paying bills and calls the current situation a manufactured crisis.
  8. President Biden highlights the progress made in job creation, American manufacturing, and revitalizing towns. He expresses support for fiscal responsibility but suggests cutting wasteful spending on special interests and ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share, rather than cutting programs relied upon by individuals.
  9. President Biden warns about the consequences of not paying bills, including higher interest rates, risk to Social Security payments, and potential job losses. He claims that over half of the 12.7 million jobs added during his tenure could be lost. He asserts that America is not a deadbeat nation and criticizes Republicans in Congress for their current stance.
  10. President Biden highlights the catastrophic impact of education cuts proposed by MAGA House Republicans, as stated by teachers. He criticizes House Republicans for risking economic chaos and threatening progress by prioritizing tax cuts for the rich over education and healthcare funding.

Final conclusion: He condemns their proposed wish list, which would result in job losses for teachers and support staff and warns against the chaos of defaulting on the national debt. He accuses House Republicans of threatening to default unless their demands are met, which could lead to job cuts for firefighters, park rangers, and water quality regulators. Biden also highlights the lack of Republican support for tax credits for energy savings and clean energy deployment and exposes their alignment with Big Oil’s interests. He emphasizes his budget’s aim to reduce the deficit through targeting wealthy tax cheats, contrasting it with House Republicans’ bill that would cut funding for border patrol and teachers. Biden proposes alternative solutions such as strengthening Medicare’s negotiating power and cutting wasteful spending rather than harming working families. He argues against the “trickle-down” approach and urges Republicans to prioritize paying bills and support investments. Finally, he emphasizes the progress made in job creation and manufacturing under his administration and warns against the potential consequences of defaulting on debt, including job losses and halted Social Security payments.

Note: this analysis based on his twitted  in 11 may to 13 may  2023


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