The truth about extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer being hidden by those who are supposed to keep it secret. Through years of interviews and investigation, Ron James has gathered information from government insiders such as Colonel John Alexander, Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, and Nick Pope, who accidentally reveal that there is another intelligence operating around us. Dr. Michio Kaku, a renowned scientist, provides scientific analysis and commentary on the subject. The film presents evidence that cannot be denied, settling the debate about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. However, this revelation raises many questions about what it means for humanity and for individuals. The film features a collection of contributors from different fields, including Dr. Gary Nolan, Ralph Blumenthal, Richard Dolan, Mike Bara, Dave McDonald, Melinda Leslie, Danny Sheehan, Jimmy Church, and Tim Burchett. Matthew Modine narrates the film.

Director: Ron James
Writer: Ron James
Stars : John B. Alexander Mike Bara, Ralph Blumenthal
Releases April 18, 2023

By Joshi